UPDATE: Printing question

From: vicky@bu.edu
Date: Thu Nov 28 1996 - 07:11:31 CST

Hi everybody,

Original question:

>I am currently using the July 1990 release of the Columbia Appletalk
>Package (CAP) for Unix. It is installed on a SPARC station 2 running
>SunOS (SunOS 4.1.3 sun4c). So far, I am successfully using it to
>spool postscript files to our unix Berkeley line printer spooling
>system, and print them to a LaserWriter (Postscript printer) attached
>to an AppleTalk network.
>The problem is that I want to figure out a way to print on a
>non-postscript printer (HP DeskJet 850C) attached to the same AppleTalk
>network. As far as I know there are not any available drivers for
>the DeskJet 850C for Unix systems for Hewlett Packard (I hope I am
>wrong). Also, I have installed GNU ghostscript 2.62 on the SPARC 2
>where CAP is running which came with a variety of drivers, including
>the DeskJet 550C.
>I have tried to use ghostscript in the following way:
>cat file.ps|gs -q -sDEVICE=cdj550 -sOutputFile=\|lpr -
> OR cdj500
> OR djet500
> OR djet500c
> OR cdjcolor
>but garbage comes out...
>- Is there a way to print on DeskJet 850C connected to an appletalk network
> from my unix box?
>- Has anyone dealt with something like that before?


It seems that the problem is that CAP only talks to postscript
printers. I have searched, but I have not succeeded in finding
any drivers which allow talking to the HP DeskJet 850C, unless
they are directly connected to the Sun box.

Thanks to:

 George Cameron <george@biomed.abdn.ac.uk>
 Kevin Davidson <tkld@cogsci.ed.ac.uk>
 Lee Ben <libin722@public.wh.hb.cn>
 Reto Lichtensteiger <rali@meitca.com>
 Jim Harmon <jim@telecnnct.com>
 Christopher Blencowe <cbb@CONVEX.phazc.uni-heidelberg.de>
 Michel Lundell <qhslund@aom.ericsson.se>
 Eric S Fraga <e.fraga@ucl.ac.uk>
 Bruce Milner <Bruce.Milner@genetics.utah.edu>
 D.Thomas@vthrc.uq.edu.au (Danny Thomas)

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