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From: Sajjad Ahmed (
Date: Thu Nov 28 1996 - 06:29:26 CST

hello Managers,

Many thanks to the following:
Brion Leary (
Alex Davis (
Bruce Cheng (
Fedor Gnuchev (

The problem did turn out to be multuple copies of inetd running. Proctool was
downloaded and indicated that the CPU was idle. It appears that top needs to
be recompiled for sol 2.5.1. The problem with openwindows was probably caused
by inetd, as it was resolved after sending a SIGHUP to inetd, and restarting
a single instance of it.
>I am experiencing some v.strange problems with a SS10 running 2.5.1 w/o

>The utility TOP is showing the CPU to be 85-95% busy, no users are logged on,
>and no processes are running except the usual processes associated with root
>login. vmstat & /usr/ucb/ps -aguxww show that the processor is approx. 100%
>The SS10 will not run openwindows, it hangs after the command. control-C
>gives the message /usr/openwin/bin/xinit: Interupted system call (errno 4)
>and /usr/openwin/bin/xinit: X server slow to shutdown, sending KILL signal.
>Periodic messages are also seen with inetd...
>machine name inetd[1033]:ftp/tcp: bind:Address already in use
>this message also occurs for telnet, shell, login, exec, uucp, finger, time,
>echo, discard, daytime, chargen, fs etc. as well as for ftp.
>The network is currently down, andthis machine has been disconnected, yet
>these problems persist. This machine has been running 2.5.1 for only a short

Sajjad Ahmed
System Administrator.

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