SUMMARY: 8-bit comm for aspppd?

From: Ron Madurski (
Date: Wed Nov 27 1996 - 14:08:31 CST

My original query to the list...

:> I had the ppp daemon running just fine for several months on a Netra
:> running 2.5. Last week it stopped working and I just figured out why.
:> For some reason the modem or the comuter is using 7-bit instead of 8-bit
:> to communicate. This is only with ppp or cu. If I use tip it works
:> just fine. If I use a -b 8 option with cu it works just fine. If I let
:> it default with cu or specify -b 7 I see the same behaviour as the ppp
:> daemon.
:> What happens is that some characters aren't getting passed along. For
:> example, if I key in my Name (Madurski) teh modems echo back only Mdsk.
:> This is very repeatable. It is not a baud rate or flow control problem.
:> Setting cu to 8-bit manually fixes it.
:> My question is how do I force aspppd to use 8-bit communications?

>From Glenn Satchell...

Here's what we have in /etc/uucp/Systems on the calling systems,
the P_ZERO is a special flag to froce 8 bit, no parity. So we
expect nothing, set P_ZERO, then continue with th echat script
as before:

pppserver Any;1 ACU 38400 5551234 "" P_ZERO "" \r\p\r\c ogin:--ogin: XXX word: XXX

This sort of worked for me. I ended up putting the P_ZERO entry in the
Dialers file.

and some additional info from Mark Belanger...

Here are the parity settings I am aware of:
P_ZERO 8 bits, no parity
P_EVEN 7 bits, even parity
P_ODD 7 bits, odd parity
P_ONE 7 bits, "1" or Mark parity

The PPP link is now working again. Thanks guys.

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