SUMMARY:Cannot Ping My Target

From: Lau, Victoria H (
Date: Wed Nov 27 1996 - 20:32:32 CST

I thank the following Sun Managers for responding to my problem. I followed
of the suggestions but somehow I still couldn't talk to the mri/spectra
We are doing further testing on hardware right now to see why Sun cannot see
ping the target.

- Charlie Mengler
- Dave Haut
- Patrick Shopbell
- Russ Poffenberger
- Jon Weintraub
- Jens Fischer
- L. Lopshire
- Pascal.Dufour

My original question:
I'm trying to establish Ethernet connection between a Sun running Solaris
2.5.1 and a PC running pcpro. We've installed some Spectra hardware on
the PC that uses rarp to get the PC IP address from the Sun.

On the Sun side, we are running NIS (NIS server is an AIX 6000). I added
the PC ip address and node name in /etc/hosts locally: localhost wsun02 loghost mri01

I also have an entry locally in /etc/netmasks:

The local entries for the above files in /etc/nsswitch.conf are:

  hosts: files nis dns [NOTFOUND=return]
  netmasks: files nis dns [NOTFOUND=return]

I rebooted the Sun system and started the rarpd daemon:

  /usr/sbin/in.rarpd -a

But on the Sun, I can't ping mri01; and rebooting mri01 (PC), rarp on the
PC does not get the IP address. Hardware on the PC has been tested using
PC programs to send packets successfully to the Sun, and the Sun can talk to
other Sun and AIX nodes on the 147.19.129 network. How do I establish
communication between the SUN and the PC via Ethernet?

1. I need /etc/ethers file to use rarp (I'm embarrassed to say that I
had this file with the contents "08:00:3e:23:4c:43 mri01" and the line
in /etc/nsswitch.conf with "files" as the first item on the list, but I
forgot to mention this in my inquiry).

2. I should change my netmask in /etc/netmasks with one of the following:

I did both tests, but still couldn't ping my target.

3. ping mri01 by specifying the IP address instead of the name--I had done
that too.

4. Use a fixed IP address--I used mri utility to "hardcode" the IP address
to the MRI proms, and disabled "rarp" but Sun still could not ping it. On the

Sun side, I had also tried "arp -s mri01" but ping still failed.

5. On the Sun I used snoop to gage traffic by specifying the target's
its ip address, and its ethernet address in different tests, and rebooted
the target to send out rarp messages. I received no feedback on the Sun.

I'm suspecting a hardware problem on the MRI simms but the vendor insisted
that this was a network problem. Anyway, thank you everyone for helping

Vicky Lau
but all

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