SUMMARY:Messing with /etc/shells

From: Peter Tashkoff (
Date: Wed Nov 27 1996 - 17:58:52 CST

It is a very humbling experience
to post to this list. Thank you to
everyone who responded.

The summary is that.

1. It doesn't hurt to have the same
shell mentioned more than once in

2. Unless the shell is fully pathed, it
is likely that the entry will not
accomplish much anyway.

3. For ftp to function; the users shell
must be listed in /etc/shells (if the
file exists) (For a full discussion see
man ftpd.)

My original question and a list of the
respondents is as under.
thanks again to everyone.
Peter Tashkoff

I have been advised by my ODBC vendor
to ensure that the shell being utilised
by our ODBC users is present and fully
pathed in the file /etc/shells.  This
will fix our problems, he says.

In our case this means /bin/ksh and /bin/sh need to be added.

The file /etc/shells on the subject machine contains the following lines; bsh csh ksh

My question is. Would I be doing any harm (or what do I need to look out for) if I were to add the following lines to the file; /bin/ksh /bin/sh making the file read in total; bsh csh ksh /bin/ksh /bin/sh

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