Summary - Missing Tape Drivers

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Date: Wed Nov 27 1996 - 16:49:49 CST

O' Mighty Gurus,

Wow....! 46 Responses! Thanks ever so much to everyone who took the time
to help me out, it is much appreciated. Due to the overwhelming
response, please forgive me for not itemizing your names.

The original problem statement:

 Howdy Sun-Gurus,
> I've inherited a Sparc 5 with a few problems. One of these is that the
> system doesn't wish to recognize the tapedrive. When I attempt to
> ufsdump to the tape,it tells me
> "/dev/rmt/0: No such device or address"
> I see the same message if I attempt to retension the tape with
> mt ret
> However, "probe-scsi all" does see the drive. Any thoughts on how to
> reconcile this difficulty? TIA, and of course, I will summarize. OS is Solaris 2.5.1.

The #1 and #2 proposed solutions, and THE solution:

Most folks suggested that I try the following:

touch /reconfig
reboot -- -r


boot -r from ok prompt

I had tried these before posting, but had failed to resolve the
difficulty. The 1st person to supply the solution was Jason Keltz, who
suggested that I use the command "tapes", which re-creates the drivers
for the tape drive(s).

The procedure:

cd /dev/rmt
rm * (removes all tape drivers)
tapes (recreates the tape drivers)

This sequence of commands solved the problem. To all appearances, the
original drivers in /dev/rmt were corrupt. Performing a "boot -r" does
not seem to replace the existing drivers. Rather, it appears to only
check and see if they are present. In my case, when the system
determined that the drivers were there, it thought it was finished, which
it wasn't. Thanks again for all your assistance.



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