Summery: Dual Boot Win95 & Solaris X86?

From: Ningping Fan (
Date: Wed Nov 27 1996 - 05:41:16 CST

> Is it possible to dual boot MS Window95 and Solaris X86?
> If yes, then how?
Total 17 messages have been recieved. Here I thanks all who responded
this question.

1) Using a boot manager program:
System Commander (5)
System Controller (1)
Boot Master (1)
OS2 (1)
Linux (1)
Patition Magic (1)
Window NT (1)

2) Using Solaris X86 boot manager (5)
   (install win95 then Solaris X86)

I have tested the second solution, however it did not work for me.
Solaris X86 2.4 works with DOS 6.20, not Win95.
1) IDE disk 1.2GB -> (DOS) 80MB, (Solaris) 400MB, (DOS)700MB
2) SCSI disk 1.6GB -> (DOS) 400MB, (Solaris) 1.2GB
using Solaris fdisk during installation, DOS FDISK does not
recognize over 505MB for the IDE disk. Boot partitions are the
first two in the IDE disk, which are both < 1024 cyls, otherwise
a message "Boot Records Can not Found" appear and it fails to
boot for either win95 or Solaris & DOS 6.2. Whatever I tryed,
once installed win95, it always boot win95!!!


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