SUMMARY - Tape Copying

From: Becker, Mark (
Date: Mon Nov 25 1996 - 13:10:00 CST

Last week I wrote:
> I am trying to duplicate a tape I received from Sun Consulting in
> pkgadd format.
> When I try tcopy /dev/rmt/0 /dev/rmt/0 it responds "can't open
> /dev/rmt/0".
> Did Sun ship a brain dead tape duplicator? Hard to believe that
> this utility can't duplicate a tape without a second drive.

I'm sure that numerous responses came in, but because of
e-mail problems I received 5 within a few hours.

Summary - it can be done, but as Casper Dik points out tcopy
needs two local tape drives.

One from Mark Belanger was correct and contained a script
that copies tapes from tape to disk and then back again.
When inbound e-mail is working I'll ask for permission to put this
script up. It successfully copied both tar and pkgadd format tapes.

David L. Markowitz suggested tapecv.

The other two replies were inaccurate. Thanks for the thought guys, but

This is a great list. Thanks again.

Mark Becker

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