SUMMARY: limit su access to some users

From: Robin Sinclair (
Date: Tue Nov 26 1996 - 03:22:03 CST

Dear sun-mgrs

Many thanks once again for many replies to my question:

=> Does anyone know if there exists on Solaris 2.4 a way to limit which users
=> can access root via 'su' ? I would like only 2-3 people to be able to use
=> 'su -' to access to root.
=> On SunOS 4.1.3 there was the 'wheel' group, whose members were the only peopl
=> who could su to root. Anyone else who tried 'su -' received the message
=> You do not have permission to su to root
=> or suchlike.
=> However on Solaris 2.4 this mechanism doesn't seem to exist any more..

Thanks to :

The suggestions were basically the following:

1. If your users don't use su to become other (non-root) users, then
you can:
        add the trusted users to group "wheel" in /etc/group
        chmod 4550 /bin/su /sbin/su
This has the disadvantage that normal users can't use su to become other users
than root. I would like to keep this possibility.

2. Use the sysadmin group
Unfortunately this doesn't affect su access as far as I can tell, only enables
use of admintool by non-root users.

3. Try sudo.
This is the best solution, especially using the 'ALL' keyword (with care!)
to give certain trusted users full access to root.

Many thanks

WEUSC sysadmin

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