SUMMARY: /usr/ucb/mail says Unknown command: image

From: Chris Wozniak (
Date: Mon Nov 25 1996 - 11:55:00 CST

Last Friday I've posted the following query:

> Greetings O Managers !
> When I type something like:
> echo Test | /usr/ucb/mail some_user
> as root it works OK, mail gets delivered without complaint.
> When I run the same command as a lowly user :)
> the mail is still delivered, but I get the message:
> Unknown command: "image".
> I find it rather annoying...
> There's no "image" command on my system (???) or I was unable
> to find it, no mention of "image" in the man pages....
> Any idea what it's about ??
> Thanks in advance

The response was immediate and almost all respondents came up
with the right answer:
     Check the lowly user's .mailrc file. Check other init dot files.

The prize goes to (trumpets!!!, drums !!!!)
     Casper Dik who guessed it right first.

Being somewhat embarassed (why didn't I think of that ??!!)
I'd like to add that the lowly user (who left us some time ago)
and whose account I'm using for all sorts of tests was one of only 3
(out of 52) using Sun Mailtool, instead of (yuck! yuck!) MS Mail
on his desktop PC. I just completely forgot
about those three and their .mailrc files.

Many thanks to:
Brett Lymn AWA Defence Industries
John Palkovic
Trevor Paquette
Mike (Mehran) Salehi
Ric Anderson
Brent Chivers
Jim Harmon

Chris Wozniak
System Administrator
WAPET Exploration

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