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Thanks for all who responded. Here is my original request:

> Is there any way to get my NT server to query NIS+ services for login
> proceedures? I'd rather not have to create accounts on both Solaris and NT
> servers.
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Here are the answers:

>PC-NFS Pro v3 still in beta.
>The Fulcrum Consulting Group Peter Marelas - Consultant
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> 'Fraid not. NT and UNIX passwords are encrypted completely
>differently. NT uses a reversible hashed encryption method (so plain
>text passwords are never sent over the network); UNIX uses a
>non-reversible DES encryption.
> You can go some way to making this easier by installing SAMBA
>(home page ). SAMBA can use NT
>style encrypted passwords in a second password file, and comes with
>tools to maintain the second password file. Or you can just use the
>UNIX password file, but I believe versions of NT < 4.0 (including
>betas) have problems talking to machines that don't use NT style
>encrypted passwords; browsing fails and passwords are asked for
>repeatedly when mounting shares.
> We have no NT machines (yet), but SAMBA is running as a domain
>controller for our Win95 machines with no problems.
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>Hi Jason,
>As far as I know, only Sun supports NIS+. I would love to be wrong on
>this, but I don't think I am.
>Stuart Kendrick
>Network Services

>Not yet!
>Sun is developing a network client that will do what you want.
>Look at URL
>for an introduction.
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>I can not say definitively, but I strongly suspect the answer is NO. NIS+ is
>very Sun proprietary, so unless they have explicitly done something, I doubt
>Microsoft has provided support on the NT side. I also would be very
surprised if
>any third party has a product in this area.
>NIS+ is pretty useful IFF on a Solaris only environment, particularly if you
>care about security as my current customer does. Once you get off the Sun
>platform, though, its pretty much unsupported.
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