SUMMARY:how to remove PROM passwd

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Date: Mon Nov 18 1996 - 01:08:39 CST

      Jason Keltz <>
      Xu, Guo Miao (Hui, Kwok Miu) <>
      Brian T. Wightman <>

> I forgot the PROM passwd of Sun station LX, Sun station 10
> and Sun station 20 .
> How can i remove it . I can login as root . I run Solaris
> 2.4 and Solaris 2.5 on them.
       # eeprom security-mode=none as root
     You have disabled the PROM password in your machine.
      # eeprom security-mode=(command|boot) as root
     You will then be prompted for a new one...

     If you forget the 'PROM' password and super user password, you have
to call SUN spport engineers to reset the 'PROM'.

Thanks very much !
Lee Ben

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