SUMMARY: Sparc 10 41 or 412? (fwd)

From: Paul Kanz (
Date: Thu Nov 21 1996 - 13:25:04 CST

It's a 10/41 with SuperCache (the "2nd cpu").

Thanks to:

David Sinn <>
Ray Brownrigg <>
Gary W. Cook <>
David Procter <>
Glenn Satchell <>
Jochen Bern <bern@TI.Uni-Trier.DE>
Kurt Stype <>
Attanagoda K.S. Santha <>

My orginal question:

I'm trying to identify a CPU card installed in a Sparc 10 running SunOS
4.1.3, that appears to have two CPUs; the part number (from the bar code)
is 5012519007183. This card has been floating around and no longer has
the original boot PROM with it.

When I do a 'mps -aux', only '0' appears under the 'CPU' column. 'devinfo
-pv' would show that it's a Sparc 1041.

Is this a duel CPU card, if so, what will it take to get both CPUs
working (I have seen the mixed responses regarding MP under SunOS).


From: David Sinn <>

It is a single CPU card.. One of the large chips on the card is the CPU,
the other is the SuperCache chip (that is what makes it a 41 instead of
a 40, the 1's mean that it includes the SuperCache chip, and allows the
system to be multiple processor).

From: Ray Brownrigg <>

If this is a 10/41 card, then there will be two large heat sinks on it,
but one of them is the 1MB cache.

All the evidence points to a single CPU.
From: "Gary W. Cook" <>

Part number 501-2519 is a single processor 60MHz processor with supercache.
This particular part number was "supported" on the SparcStation 20 and SS1000,
primarily because it supports 50MHz Mbus speeds found on these systems. As you
can see, it works in your Sparc 10.

The two CPU's is actually a CPU and the MXCC.
From: David Procter <>

390Z55 sounds like the SuperSparc module. One large black heatsinked
beasty is the CPU, the other is the Cache controller (the 'Super' bit
of SuperSparc).
From: Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services

If it's a dual cpu card from Sun then it will be two slots wide.
The single sbus width cards are only a single cpu. My guess is
that you're looking at a card with two round heatsinks on it,
right? One of these is the cache/mmu/something else chip and the
other is the cpu. At the boot-prom you can use the command
'module-info' to describe what processor(s) you have in the
From: Jochen Bern <bern@TI.Uni-Trier.DE>

1) Multi-CPU SPARCs *do* run under 4.1.3. (I have an SS 20/502 running
   4.1.3_U1B next Door. Yes, I can make use of both CPUs.)

2) One *easy* Way to tell whether a Machine running 4.x has several
   CPUs is to watch a OW Perfmeter while firing up some CPU-burning
   Process. If the CPU Usage goes from <10% to 50%, you have two CPUs. :-)

3) Another Possibility: sysinfo. Mine returns:

    cpu0 is a "Model 50 SuperSPARC SPARCmodule" CPU
    cpu1 is a "Model 50 SuperSPARC SPARCmodule" CPU

   though I'm not really sure what a 2-CPU MBus Card would be shown as ...
From: Kurt Stype <>

The part number you mentioned (5012519007183) is a SM61 SuperSPARC Module that works
in the ss10, ss10sx, ss20 and ss1000. Sun's Option number is 1171. It is a SINGLE
processor CPU with MXCC 3.x cache. (And one hell of a heat-sync!)
From: "Attanagoda K.S. Santha" <>

        Halt the system. At the Boot prompt (OK prompt) type module-info.
This should tell you all the information you need to findout. If there
are two CPUs on the card. Hope this helps.



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