BUG in Solaris 2.5? RE: No Lower Case letters in some apps on exported displays.

From: Jason Boerner (jboerne@uswest.com)
Date: Thu Nov 21 1996 - 11:46:37 CST

I had two responses to this very awful problem but nothing has
worked yet. I am going to repost the problem with some additional
information in the hopes that this will set someones Ah-HA bell off.

With a summary of the two responses at the end.

Thank You


When I bring up SAM (An X utility on HP-UX that is exported to my Sparc 5
display), I am unable to type in lower case letters. Uppercase, numeric,
and symbols work fine.

I get the same problem when I bring up SAM by either doing an rlogin and
then a setenv DISPLAY or if I just start it remotely with an rsh command.

The problem DOES NOT show up on my Sparc 20 with 2.4 OR on my FreeBSD box.

This is SOooo strange. Any clues? I am now trying to find something in
Xresources but this is starting to get a little out of my field.

Thank You

SUMMARY from earlier posting:

Danny Johnson <djohnson@nbserv2.dseg.ti.com>

this sounds similar to other problems I have seen in completely
different environments. try hitting the Shift key several times,
and/or the CapsLock key. sometimes the transitions will clear
out the problem. obviously this is not really a fix. in my cases
the way to prevent the problem was never to start an X application
while CapsLock/NumLock/Shift is active.

I tried this and the "special keys" do work. This is how I figured out
that I can type in upper case letters. If I use Caps Lock (or shift) I
can type in anything that I want. I just can not type in lower case

Thank You

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Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 15:38:21 -0500
From: "Roberts, Mike" <cmrobert@tva.gov>
To: "'jboerne@uswest.com'" <jboerne@uswest.com>
Subject: RE: No Lower Case letters in some apps on exported displays...

use the remote shell command (rsh) to start SAM on the hp machine,
displaying back to your desktop. You can set up a script on the other
machine to set your environment before it starts the command. If your
site permits the use of .rhost files, set one up on the HP server in
your home directory to prevent being prompted for a password. This way
you can set up SAM as a CDE action and put it in a pop-up on your
frontpanel. The local rsh command issued from your Sun might look like:

rsh hpserve runSAM displayname:0

where hpserve is the name of the HP server, runSAM is the name of your
script, and displayname is your desktop's ip address or name depending
on how you usually set your display on the HP for SAM to display back

A sample script for runSAM might be:

# set whatever other environmental variables you need
/usr/bin/sam &

this sets up DISPLAY and any other variables you need, starts sam in
background mode and exits the script. I also do this to open windows on
any remote machine I administer. On HPs, I recommend starting hpterms
as the remote window of choice because the HP server seems to handle vi
better in an hpterm than in an xterm window.

The plus side to using an rsh to start an application on the other
machine is that the environment will automatically be the default for
that machine adjusted by whatever variables you set in your script.
You're also starting fewer processes on the remote machine.

Good luck,

        Good info. I have started to use this more and more.

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