SUMMARY: ROSS Processors Information

From: Renan Martins Baptista (
Date: Thu Nov 21 1996 - 04:36:26 CST

SUMMARY: ROSS Processors Information


I submitted the following message:

Dear Gurus,

I have 06 SS-10 Model 51, which I would like to enhance their perfor-
mance. They are basically used to perform numerical calculations.

Some guys have suggested to use the ROSS processors upgrade, and I got
their information on

It looks like a good choice, with a good price, but, since I never
heard about those processors, I would like to hear from some of you
who have already used those processors.

My doubts are:

1. To upgrade to them, I heard one have to change a boot prom to a new
   open boot software. Is it a real truth? Does it changes the HOSTID
   of the machine (I have lots of hostid dependant licensed software)?

2. Is it really compatible with both Solaris 1.x and 2.x, even with so-
   me working patches?

3. Have you ever heard about a software which crashes with those proces-
   sors, even in a non numerical software?

4. Any kind of information concerned to those processors are very welco-

Thank you, in advance.


It seems to be a very interesting and well known subject, according to
the number of responses I got. They allow me to arrive to a very conclu-
ding and confortable position, to make my decision. Lots of different
administrators, from different countries, bussiness areas, etc, has
contributed. My bests aknowlegments to you all. Thank you all.


1. (Karlheinz Pischke)
2. (Martin Achilli)
3. (Neal S. Pressman ex 2317)
4. Herbert Wengatz <>
5. Bert N. Shure <>
6. Jaspreet Singh <m1jxs03@FRB.GOV>
7. Steve Simmons <>
8. Wis Macomson <>
9. Martin Espinoza <>
10. Dan Pritts <>
11. (Gary W. Cook, Consultant)
12. Reggie Stuart" <>
13. Brad Young <>
14. Andi Paton <>
15. Jurgen M. <>
16. Glenn Carver <>
17. Michael R. Zika" <>
18. Mr T Crummey <>
19. <>
20. "David Pepper" <pepper@gracie>
21. Ed.Baxter@PII.COM (Ed Baxter)


Question 1: It was almost a consensus that, considering the original boot
            prom of the SS-10, it will really be necessary to upgrade the
            boot prom, to a version, at least 2.19. it will NOT change the
            HOSTID, because it comes from a different chip, the NVRAM.

Question 2: For SunOS 4.1.3 and it's variations, some patches are required.
            For SunOS 4.1.4, the patches are already incorporated. No patches
            are required from Solaris 2.3 or Higher.

Question 3: No. It was a consensus.

Question 4: Some small problems were reported:

         # Cooling. When one have more than one CPU (for dual or twin CPU's)
            one can have to open the cover in order to ensure the proper heat
            transfer. For more than two CPU's, a special cooling approach is
            required (Suggestion: enhance the fan's power). For single CPU,
            they work fine.

         # ROSS is working toward solving those heat questions.

         # Sun is currently selling ROSS processors, which allows one to in-
            terpretate that it will provide software/hardware support.

         # The performance of the state of the art Hypersparc ROSS Chip
            (180 MHz, 512 Kb, cache) is very close to the Sun Ultra 1 170
            MHz machine.

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