SUMMARY: Where can I find a serial popper???

Date: Tue Nov 19 1996 - 11:59:07 CST

Folks --

Recently I wrote:

>I have a bunch of dialup Eudora people who used to check their mail by
>dialing into an old SunOS box using called "srialpop", a popper that
>worked over the modem connection. They have moved to a Solaris 2.5 box now.
>I have looked on Qualcomm's ftp and www site, without success.

>anyone have any leads on this beast???

Thanks to those who replied:

Jeff Wasilko
Rick Schieche
Rodney Ramsey
Keith Robinson
Adolfo Vaal Neto
Alex Finkel
Ryan P. Skadberg

The Solution:

It does reside o qualcomm's ftp site!

On in /quest/unix/servers you will find

After some compiling problems, I was able to get it working.
Thanks again

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