repost of SUMMARY: SunOS4 cc under Solaris 2.X

From: Aggelos P. Varvitsiotis (
Date: Tue Nov 19 1996 - 10:58:36 CST

In a previous summary regarding the possibility to use
SunOS4's C compiler under Solaris 2.5, I wrote:

> I remember having seen a conversation on using SunOS4.1.X's
> C compiler under Solaris. At that time, the conclusion was
> that this wasn't possible. Having run into a situation where
> we needed to link old format .o files (that is, object files
> produced with that older compiler) under Solaris 2.5.1, we
> re-invested the whole thing and it turned out that it wasn't
> so impossible after all (apologies if this is already known):
> All we did was we binary-patched several hardwired paths in a
> copy of SunOS4.1.4's cc, so that the compiler (running in
> compatibility mode) now sees copies of the old precompiler,
> compiler, linker, assembler, and libraries (at compile-time).
> The (old a.out format) executables produced by the old compiler
> run happily in compatibility mode under Solaris 2.5.1.

In the meantime, I got two replies, from
  Blair Zajac <>
  Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>

It seems I had been ignorant of
  (a) Sun's own cross-compiler migration tool (requires Solaris 2.X
      compiler to be installed)
  (b) a dynamic library package (basically overriding open(2)
      so that the necessary paths are substituted at open-time
      with the ones needed by the old C compiler) by Casper Dik
      (no need for the unbundled C compiler with this one).


Thanks to Blair Zajac and Casper Dik for taking the time to answer.


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