SUMMARY: 10/100mb ethernet problem

From: MaryEllen Yager (
Date: Mon Nov 18 1996 - 12:52:52 CST

HI! Thanks all for the many responses, some were great and well thought out
however, but some pertained to Solaris 2.x and not my SunOS 4.1.4. In the end,
it was a bad bunch of cables. Before I mailed this alias I swapped out
the cable 3 different times, but from the same batch of cables. (All
of which run at 10mb just not 100).

I finally moved the unit into the server room, and with a new known good
cable, got it to work....thanks all for the responses from:


If you want all the details that were mailed me, please request directly, there
was a lot and so I won't include all here.....thanks!

MaryEllen Yager

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