SUMMARY: Crontab: Last day of month???

From: Michel Pilon (
Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 16:08:59 CST

Hello Sun gurus,

Here are the answers:

> Is there a way to tell my crontab to launch a script at
> the end of each month (last day of the month)?

NO! not directly but Charlie find an interesting solution:

Put an entry in the crontab like:

55 23 28-31 * * /export/local/bin/archiver

and have the script archiver verifying if it is really the end of month.

> Is there a way to specify (using perl or csh) which date
> it was yesterday using the format mm/dd/yy? Like date=yesterday or
> date=Today - 1 (VAX/VMS style)

I found it myself :-))

 using perl I can say:
and I will get yesterday's date!

Brad tell me that for GNU date you can do

     To print the date of the day before yesterday
          date --date '2 days ago'
     To print the date of the day three months and one day hence
          date --date '3 months 1 day'

Thanks to Gary who sent me a C program calculating yesterday's date
(I'll keep it ;-) )

So a big thank you to:

Trevor Paquette" <>
Brad Young <> (Gary Smith)
"Charlie Mengler" <>
"Christopher L. Barnard" <>

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