SUMMARY: clock board TOD

Date: Fri Nov 15 1996 - 09:33:03 CST

My original question:
 Dear SMs,
 What does the following console message means:?
 "Clock board TOD does not match TOD on any IO board"

Answer from David,

SRDB ID: 14006

SYNOPSIS: Clock TOD does not match TOD on any IO boards after power cycle


After a power cycle of system, the following messages
is issued during the boot process:

  "Clock TOD does not match TOD on any IO boards"

System continues to sucessfully boot.


Review the 3000/4000/5000/6000 SMCC Platform Notes regarding
the OpenBoot PROM "copy-clock-tod-to-io-boards" command.

This command will resolve the problem if the cause is that the
redundant NVRAM on an IO does not have a valid copy of the TOD.

The message was first noticed when the system was power cycled.

To fix this problem, install the FlashPROM update (OBP 3.2.3 version)
via patch 103346-02 (which will update the code in ALL FlashPROMs
on the cpu/memory and IO Boards (if not already at 3.2.3).

The first byte of the OBP checksum is kept in the TODC/NVRAM.
Because of a bug in the hardware, the first byte was getting zeroed out
This happens during the power cycle.

Workaround: run "copy-clock-tod-to-io-boards" OpenBoot before
            booting the system, then install patch 103346-02 or above.

PRODUCT AREA: System Administration
SUNOS RELEASE: Solaris 2.5.1
HARDWARE: SS3000 Duraflame


Thanks to all.


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