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     Thanks for all the replies from
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     Original Question:
> My machine is a SUNW,SPARCstation-10
> Memory size: 176 Megabytes
> OS - SunOS 5.4 patch level Generic_101945-34 sun4m sparc
> Has anyone seen the following messages and know what it means
> .....
> Network state red entered, Action Reduce load on ethernets, add more
> or faster nets
> Network state amber entered, Action: Don't add more load to
> ethernets
> Disk state white entered, Action: No activity
> .....
> 20:52:38 Kernel Mutex state red entered, Action: Serious mutex contention,
> reduce workload
> 20:54:38 Kernel Mutex state green entered, Action: No problem
> 20:56:39 Kernel Mutex state red entered, Action: Serious mutex contention,
> reduce workload


    The system is running Adrian Cockroft's public domain system
    monitoring package.
    Pkginfo displays
    application RICHPse The SymbEL Interpreter
    application RICHPsex The SE eXtensions Package
    application ANCrules Adrian's Rules & Tools

    More info can be found at
    (This is the latest - will run on 2.5.1)

    A brief description:
    SymbEL (known as SE) is an interpreted language that provides an extensive
    toolkit for building performance tools and utilities. If you are fed up
    with the limitations of vmstat, iostat and sar, then
    this is the tool for you. We provide trivial scripts that are
    improved versions of the basic utilities and build on them to
    provide powerful rule-based performance monitors and viewers. The
    extensions package includes a Motif-based GUI library and the rules package
    implements the complete Appendix A ruleset of the bestselling reference
    book Sun Performance and Tuning: SPARC and Solaris by Adrian Cockcroft
    from Sun Microsystems Press/Prentice Hall.

    Once again thanks for all those who replied


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