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Date: Thu Nov 14 1996 - 11:14:51 CST

 My original posting:

>Does anyone know of a tool for Solaris (2.3) that constantly displays all
>TCP/IP connections, kind of like ntop or tcplist, or has anyone ported these
>tools for Solaris with any success.

tcplist can be run on Solaris 2.3 as long as you have lsof v3 or newer
running, actually tcplist can be run on almost any system with lsof!! I had
lsof v3.8 and some of the options were different, but a little tweaking and
it is running well now !!! I also picked up identd, which makes tcplist even
more useful.

lsof can be found at:
tcplist and identd can be found at:

The following responses were received:

>.. Alan Hill in Montreal, Canada SUN&cisco&networking stuff .
>` LanSer, for Wireless Financial Transactions, '

 and ...

>'tcplist' will work on Solaris 2.x, you just need to install 'lsof' (which
>isn't a problem compiling) ... 'ntop' is an entirely different issue, there
>are some fundemental design philosopies that prevent it from working on
>solaris ... I'm sure it *can* be ported, but I was looking at the code
>and didn't think it would be worth the trouble ...
>Raju Krishnamurthy - Senior Software Engineer
>E C O l o g i c C o r p o r a t i o n


>'lsof' can be found at many sysadmin sites. I'm sure it can be compiled
>on Solaris 2.3 - it certainly works under Solaris 2.5 and many other Unix
>operating systems.


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