SUMMARY: [Q] information on kernel/system internals

From: Peter Asboeck (
Date: Wed Nov 13 1996 - 05:06:45 CST

SUMMARY: sources for kernel/system internals

>Does anybody have hints to locations (WWW, books, software (like the kernel
>debugger, ...) ) or some other information where I can satisfy my curiosity
>on kernel/system internals of Solaris.


   Rich Kulawiec <> (Niall O Broin - Gray Wizard) (Michael J. Shon) (Martin Hofbauer Bacher Systems EDV GmbH) (Kris Briscoe)
   Per Boussard <>
   Rahul Roy <> (Eduardo E. Silva) (David Schiffrin)


   Books: votes

   "Unix Internals: The New Frontiers" by Uresh Vahalia, 4
   Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-101908-2

   "Sun Performance And Tuning" by Adrian Cockroft, 5
   SunSoft Press, ISBN 0-13-149642-5

   "The Magic Garden ( The internals of System V release 4)" 2
   by Cox/Goodheart

   Panic! (How to debug Kernels on Solaris and SunOS) 1

   Solaris 2.x Internal 1


   classes (provided by Sun):
   Concepts and Tuning (SP280)
   Kernel Internals class (SP365)


   I will buy the first two books mentioned above and have a look
   at WWW to satisfy my curiosity for the first time.


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