SUMMARY: lots of net cards in x86

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Date: Tue Nov 12 1996 - 08:55:21 CST


This was the question I asked....

>I hope to put a solaris box on a lan that will connect
>1. token ring
>2. 100vg Anylan
>3. Ethernet
>together. I was hoping to put these different cards into the x86 machine and have it recognize them, then give the seperate interfaces ip addresses in the same network address space. (ie the interfaces will have ip addresses of say,,, and What I hope to do is have the solaris machine repeating/bridging packets across the interfaces in order to have all the seperate parts of this mixed up lan talk ip together. Is this even possible.

I got several answers and one me too.
The answer is that it would be difficult if not impossible to get solaris to do this. The easiest thing to do is to set subnets on the different interfaces so that solaris could do routing. I have looked at the x86 hardware list, and indeed there are token ring and 100vg Anylan cards that solaris x86 will recognize. The x86 hardware compatibility list can be gotten off the site.

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