SUMMARY: Sun and.or X-win messaging software ???

From: Chris Wozniak (
Date: Tue Nov 12 1996 - 14:25:00 CST

I apologise for the late, late summary but my boss tossed a couple
at me and this went onto the back burner.....

My query was this:

>Greetings o gurus !
>I'm after a bit of software that would allow me to send messages from a
>single server
>to the clients. If a client's running Openwindows/X it would pop up a
>with the
>message, requiring users to click to dismiss it. Otherwise it would use
>terminal/console wall stuff. My problem is that the users here run
>X-graphics applications
>and most often graphics windows obscure all else on the screen. Then they
>claim they
>never saw any shutdown/warning, etc. message and I'm coping a lot of
>matter for
>screwing up their OH SO IMPORTANT WORK without notice.
>I've had a look at xwall, but it's not what I need.
>I've got Sparc 1000E/Solaris 2.4 server and 15 clients (12 SunOS 4.1.4, 2
>Solaris 2.5,
>1 SGI Impact/Irix 5.3).
>Any recommendations for a freeware or commercial stuff ???
>I'll gladly summarise,
>thanks in advance

I've received 6 answers and 1 metoo.

The breakdown of the answers is like follows:

To use sound - 1
To use shell scripts and xterms - 2
To use contool - 1
To use xmesg software - 1
To use Tcl/Tk - 1

I've tried unsuccessfully to find xmesg on the net, then asked
the guy who recommended it for a pointer, but he didn't reply, so...
In the end I've decided to combine sound and xterm, using the ideas
graciously provided by the people recommending shell/xterm solutions.
I wrote 3 shell scripts to input the message, find out live Unix hosts,
find all logged in users and display an ugly red xterm with the message.
I'll be happy to share the scripts with anyone interested.
The noise I've selected is a laugh of the Tasmanian devil :).

Many thanks to:
Brett Lymn, AWA Defence Industries
Herbert Wengatz,
Michael Wright,
Jason D. Noorman,
Robert Gillespie,
Mike (recommended contool) I've lost his address (blush, shame)

Chris Wozniak
System Administrator
WAPET Exploration

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