SUMMARY Traceroute For Solaris 2.5.1

From: Frank Everitt (Frank.Everitt@MCI.Com)
Date: Fri Nov 08 1996 - 12:58:49 CST

Thanks to all that replied. All of the suggestions were that I needed
to be root, which is what I thought I was. This is what happened.
     I was root when I installed the package using the pkgadd script.
However, when the package installed into "/opt/VJtr", the ownerships of
the sub-directories and files of "VJtr" were changed to "bin". I had
checked the ownership of the parent directory "VJtr" and saw that it
was owned by root and just assumed that the ownership was the same
through the hierarchy. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!
     Thanks to all that responded....I should have know better......

Frank Everitt

> I've just installed the traceroute package version 1_17 on a sparc
>20 running solaris 2.5.1. When I try to use the program, I get the
>message "traceroute: icmp socket: Permission denied". I've set the
>executable to run suid and have tried running it as root. Same problem.
>Any clues???????
> Will summarize
>Frank Everitt

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