Summary: A SparcStation as a requester for an OS/2 LAN Server environment

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Date: Thu Nov 07 1996 - 20:45:23 CST


        The answers received fall in the following categories:

1) have a look at samba (
2) use WinCenter Pro (NCD)
3) install TCP/IP on the OS/2 LAN Server and NFS-export the required

        None of these really fully satisfy my requirements. The second option
seems to be the most elegant solution, but, it requires installing new
equipment/new systems. Option 3 is OK, however, would prefer a solution
which will not require any changes on the OS/2 LAN server. Looks like I
might have to have a look at samba, to see if it can talk native
Netbios/Netbeui NOT Netbios over TCP/IP. Even then, I believe Samba can
only provide an FTP-type interface between the Unix box and the OS/2 LAN

        Anyhow, thanks very much to all that responded.


Original question:
> Hello Sun-Managers,
> We are currently running PCs as "requesters" in an OS/2 LAN Server
> (Netbios/Netbeui) environment for our desktop productivity software,
> such as Microsoft Word for Windows, Excel, etc. Therefore, almost all
> of our data are stored on our LAN servers. However, as we work with
> Unix and TCP/IP most of the time, most of us have both a Sun
> SparcStation as well as a PC on our desks.
> What we would like to do is to have only a Unix workstation on the desk
> and get rid of the PC. However, as most of our "PC-type" data are on
> our OS/2 LAN Server, we would like to be able to access those data from
> the Unix workstation. Wabi is satisfying our requirement to run those
> Microsoft software (ie. Word, Excel, etc) on the workstations, but we
> also need to connect to the OS/2 LAN Server.
> So, does anyone out there know of any software that will allow a Unix
> workstation (ie. Solaris Sparcstation) to talk Netbios/Netbeui and
> participate as a "requester" in an OS/2 LAN Server environment?
> Thanks in anticipation. I'll summarise.
> Cheers,
> Danny

       Herbert Wengatz <>
       Danny Lee <>

I'm not quite sure, but take a look at "SAMBA" - this does nearly
anything you'll ever need between UNIX-Workstations and PCs. :-)


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If you are in a mixed environment with multiple UNIX workstations, you
may want to take a look at an alternative that we went to. We are using
a product put out by NCD (Network Computing Devices, see
called WinCenter Pro. It is a modified NT kernel running on a standard
NT server. It allows multiple concurrent logon sessions on the NT
server with display back to an X windows display (sort of like starting
a window acting as a NT X terminal). Nothing runs on the UNIX desktop
itself. You start the session via a remote shell command to the NT
server. Best of all, you're doing NT not Windows95 (currently NT 3.5.1,
NT 4.0 compatible is due out later this year).

This is not an emulator (you're actually running on the NT server) so
you have full network access to anything NT does including Novell if you
need it. If NT will run an application, you can see it on your UNIX
desktop (one current exception is with DOS programs that require full
screen display. they run on the console but have trouble on the remote

Check it out at the NCD website. We've got 3 groups using this already
as an alternative to PCs with Win95 beside their Suns and HPs.

Good luck,

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       Francisco Franco <>

Hi Danny,

I have gone through this as recently as six months ago. After looking
at all of the alternatives, we ended up purchasing TCP/IP from IBM for
OS/2 as then we were able to use NFS, ftp and the rest of the expected
TCP/IP tools to connect one to the other. However, I would suggest that
you go through this very carefully, since OS/2 does tend to put odd
files or file markers that at times will corrupt an ftp session.

Good Luck.

          "Bert N. Shure" <>
          Advanced Systems Group
          Danny Lee <>


connect to infoseek and search on "samba".

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From: (D461-Viet_Q_Hoang(0)82572)

Assuming your OS/2 LAN server would talk netbios over tcp, I'd suggest
loading a pc with Linux then run samba on it with the ksmbfs (sp?) on
that pc would then be able to mount netbios shares from the LAN servers
then it can re-export those over nfs to your workstations.

You could also move the shared network drives from the OS/2 servers over
to a sun box running samba too

Viet Hoang
Lucent Technologies/ISSC

       John Justin Hough <>


  Look at samba which can act as server and client.


       Fedor Gnuchev <>
       Danny Lee <>

Dear Danny,

Samba looks to be the solution, though clumsy. It's nice with
PC's using it to get DOSish things off Unix machine. It can work
backwards -
but in rather cumbersome ftp-like interface. Maybe latest version of it
have something better, had not checked but doubt it.

With best regards

Fedor Gnuchev
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          Martin Espinoza <>
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the software you want is called SAMBA.

The URL is:

It provides NetBIOS over TCP/IP, as well as WINS service.

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         john <>
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Check out samba.


  From: (David Schiffrin)

Sun has a solution for ipx/spx, and may have one for netbios/netbeui,
but you'd be happy with SAMBA, available on the net for FREE.

good luck


       Chris Wozniak <>
       "'danny'" <>

Hi Danny,

You should try Samba (check in archie, it's originated from ANU ?)
great software for LAN-Sun connectivity.

Good luck

Chris Wozniak

System Administrator
WAPET Exploration

       Jerry Champlin <>

Danny Lee stated:

I too ran into this problem, but never found a solution. Although, if
OS/2 LAN Server is indeed fully compliant with Netbios/Netbeui, then you
should be able to run Samba to read and write to the volumes on the
OS/2 LAN Server. I have done this with Microsoft's version of netbios.
You should also be able to use your lan server as a print server with

Please let me know if this works or if you come up with a better


       "Michael I. Klohk" <>

Hello Danny,

the new ibm aix operating system looks very much like solaris to me, so
should have a cross platform tool, even if this wasn't their policy the
last 25 years.
Have you heard about ross technology's sparcplug system ?(
This smart solaris device fits into a 5.25" drive bay at any
PCtower/desktop chassis or 19" rack and performs better than a sparc20.
So upgrade the PCs to SPARCplug20 systems and move the sun's to other
departnents. Then you're open to all worlds, save money and space.

Best Regards
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