SUMMARY: telnetd replacement

From: Tim Carlson (
Date: Thu Nov 07 1996 - 12:13:07 CST

My original query:

> I have a problem for which the standard in.telnetd that comes with Solaris
> 2.5 just doesn't work.
> I have users dialing into a terminal server which then telnets them into a
> Solaris 2.5 machine. The telnet needs to be a binary telnet so folks can
> then run PPP on the Solaris machine (I know its a mess, but it is what I
> am stuck with for now).

Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM> pointed me to
where I was able to compile the original source upon which (according to
Casper) the Solaris 2.5 telnetd is based.

This new telnetd solves several of my problems, including the correct
setting of TERM to "network" (like back in the SunOS days). My problem
is not completely solved as there are still some PPP clients that
still have a few strange problems, but I am quite happy with the progress
made on this problem.

Thanks to Casper and
john benjamins <johnb@Soliton.COM>

for replying to my query.

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