SUMMARY: Private Network numbers?

From: Trevor Paquette (TrevorPaquette@AEC.CA)
Date: Thu Nov 07 1996 - 12:17:55 CST

Thanx to ALL who responded to my question below..

>Does anyone know the address range for private networks? or the RFC that
>states them?
>We need to setup some internal private networks, I's I'd like to use the
>"official" private network IP addresses,. instead of using our own assigned
>IP addresses.
>I know that for a Class A network you can use 10.x.x.x
>What is it for the class B and Class C networks?

The lastest RFC is RFC 1918 which states:

3. Private Address Space

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved the following three blocks of the IP address space for private internets: - (10/8 prefix) - (172.16/12 prefix) - (192.168/16 prefix)

We will refer to the first block as "24-bit block", the second as "20-bit block", and to the third as "16-bit" block. Note that (in pre-CIDR notation) the first block is nothing but a single class A network number, while the second block is a set of 16 contiguous class B network numbers, and third block is a set of 256 contiguous class C network numbers. ---

Some people said to use RFC 1700 states that the 127.x.x.x address space is for LOOPBACK ONLY, and should NEVER appear outside the host. So all of you using as your networek.. better change it to one of the ones mentions above or get registered!

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