SUMMARY: /etc/ethers How to build

From: Harry.E.Noel/638988/BIS/
Date: Wed Nov 06 1996 - 15:00:33 CST

I am using the /etc/ethers file with a program called etherman. The program
monitors network traffic and displays it. It uses the /etc/ether file to
lookup the names of the machines.

Here are the replies:
Steve @ (Steve Kay)
> Is there a program or script available to automate
> the building of a /etc/ethers file. Running 4.1.3
> and NIS.
> Thanks in advance.
running rup (to build up a decent arp table), followed
by arp -a piped into an awk script should get you started.

Steve Kay
jdavis @ (Jim Davis)
There's a program Dave Curry wrote some time ago called 'getethers'.
Basically you give it a network address and it pings everything on it
and writes the ethernet addresses it finds to a file.  I don't have an
ftp site handy, but maybe archie can find it for you.

Of course you could also just write a shell script to ping, say,,, ..., and capture the output. -----------------------

Also, one may also ping all the routers and then do an arp -a and most of them show up.

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