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Date: Wed Nov 06 1996 - 10:57:00 CST

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+> Anyone know what the following means? Found it in /var/adm/messages
+> Nov 4 11:49:19 csd_sun2 vmunix: itrunc: /export/data1/154756 new size = 0,
+> blocks = -32

Thanx to:
Dave Mitchell <>
Herbert Wengatz <>

Get Patches and install:
4.1.4: 102516
4.1.3: 100988
4.1.3_U1: 101592

NOTE: We already had 100988 installed at rev 04, I will get and install rev 05.
Hopefully this will fix the problem.

It means there is an inconsitency in the filesystem, ie it is corrupted.
There is a bug in SunOSes 4.1.3 through 4.1.4 which can cause this corruption
is either the disk becomes full, or if someone exceeds their quota (if
quotas are enabled).

It can be fixed with kernel patch 102516-01 (4.1.4). There are patches
available for earlier releases - I can't remember the numbers, but they
should be listed in the README for the 4.1.4 one.

After installing the patch,

reboot single user, and run
        fsck -f
on any potentialy affected partitions.


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You have either a bad block on your disk, or your filesystem is bad.
OR you have a program, which garbles your filesystem, or you have reached a
limit of
the good old SunOS 4.x.x, or you have some problems with overlapping

Do you want some more ? ;-)


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