SUMMARY: bootable system backup

From: Peter Asboeck (
Date: Tue Nov 05 1996 - 14:25:02 CST

QUESTION: Is there a tool available for making
          bootable system backups on tape ?
          (e.g. like mksysb (AIX) or systemtape (DG/UX))

ANSWER: NO (thanks for our answers)
          Herbert Wengatz <>
          There is no such thing under the sun.... :-|

          No utility - you can make boot tapes, but it's an art, not a science.

 (Marc S. Gibian)
          Kind of tough given Solaris 2.x can not boot from tape.
          (Peter Asboeck: I hope this is not true !!!)

 (Colin Melville)
          Only way I know to do what you want (boot & restore a dead
          root filesystem) in Solaris is to: boot single-user from CD,
          then mount the root device to /a, then restore from tape.
          Same procedure with /usr.

SOLUTION: I can't accept this answer(s) !
          mksysb and systemtape are shell scripts - I think I'll
          have to write my own 'sysbackup', which should be available
          free (uploaded to SUNSITE-hosts) and hopefully picked up
          by Sun for integration into the operating system.

          IDEA: As mksysb the basic operating system (on AIX
                everything within rootvg) should be restoreable
                on a empty disk (this means partition sizes are
                also saved on tape and restored).

                But ... enough now - I hope I can finish my
                private project within one month.

Have a 'sunny' day


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