Summary: Reserved Space in Filesystems

From: Scott Lacy (
Date: Fri Nov 01 1996 - 12:24:55 CST

Kudos to:

Nicholas R. Leroy:
Larry Chin:
Markus Weber:
Rich Casto:
Stephen Harris:
Raju Hrishnamurthy:
Ric Anderson:
Brian Hanna:
Rich Kulawiec:
Jack Goldsmith:
John Justin Hough:
Celeste Stokely:

Basically, this reserved space is space set aside for root in case the
filesystem fills up so he/she can go in and clean up the mess. This is
changeable via tunefs, it defaults to 10% of the filesystem. I'll
probably go in and change this, as this is on a 4gb filesystem, and I want
some of that 400 megs back. :)


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