SUMMARY: duplicate the system disk

From: Tony Ching-Tung Wu (
Date: Thu Oct 31 1996 - 07:48:06 CST

HI, there,

Thanks again for the quick help and sorry for the late summary.

The Origional Question:

We have 2 identical HDs here, one is for the system and user files. The
other one is currently unused. I would like mirror the system disk to the
unused one. What's the best and safest way to do this ?!


The Answers:

1. Use Sun's Online Disk Suite (ODS) to do disk mirroring.
2. use dd or other dump/restore programs to duplicate system disks.
   This might be tedious, a carefully designed script would help a lot.

Thanks to following ppl for the helps.

From: Michael van Dijk <>
From: Dan Pritts <>
From: Steve Phelps <>
From: "John C. Pavao" <>
From: Jason Noorman <>
From: Jack Goldsmith <>

Special thank to Michael for the nice mirroring script.


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