SUMMARY: Redundant disk servers

From: Stephen Harris (
Date: Wed Oct 30 1996 - 03:51:19 CST

I originally asked about a long term maintenance problem, on how to solve
dependency on one disk server. This isn't a full summary since I haven't
investigated any of the solutions mentioned (as I originally said, it's a
long term stability problem), so I'll just mention potential solutions I have
been told about.

Thanks to the following, with a summary of their comments.

Kent Clarstroem <>

  Two servers connected to a Sparc Storage array, running OpenVision HA
  HA-Solution (, and Veritas Volume Manager (David Schiffrin)

  Solstice Online Disk Suite 4.0, or

Nate Itkin <>

  Serverguard from Auspex Systems
  "Not an endorsement, just a fact."

Dan Penrod <> with a storage array (apparently recommended by his Sun
  sales rep).

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