Summary - Promoting a NIS+ root replica to root master

From: Alan K.K. Kong (
Date: Tue Oct 29 1996 - 23:07:14 CST

Hello managers,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
I followed the instructions from the NIS+ FAQ and promoted our root replica to root
master without problem.

Thank you very much to:

Veronica <>
Gary Merinstein <> (Mark Hargrave) (Marc S. Gibian)

for their valuable suggestions and support.

Original question:

>Hello Managers,
>I would like to know whether it is possible to promote a NIS+ root replica server to root
>master server.
>Currently, our root master server runs on sparc10 with SOlaris 2.5. We discovered the cpu
>usuage of rpc.nisd process was over 70% most of the time when checking with "top". We
>contacted the system engineers of local SUn dealer. They recommended that we should try to
>move our root master server to a faster machine such as Sparc20. Hence we create a replica
>server on one of our Sparc20 machines and intended to promote the replica server to master
>server. I have checked the NIS+ faq and there was a procedure on promoting a replica
>server to root master. However the system engineer from our lcoal Sun dealer said that the
>information from the faq would not work.
>I would like ask your suggestions/opinions on possiblities and procedures in promoting the
>root replica server to root master server. I am desperate in moving our root master server
>to another machine.


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