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Date: Tue Oct 29 1996 - 13:52:17 CST


Sorry for summary delay......Many thanks to those who responded....their names
and e-mail addresses are included in the body of the summary along with their
replies. I can only surmise that there are not that mant unix software
distribution tools or that no one uses such things out there judging by the few
replies I got. Is this even something that is worth looking into???????
>From Tue Oct 22 11:35 EDT 1996

There is something called 'cfengine'. It's GNU software. I don't know
much about it yet, but we're in the same position and I'm going to be
looking at it over the next couple of weeks.

Information can be found:

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>From Tue Oct 22 12:41 EDT 1996

Hello Tom,

We're currently using rdist to push out quite a bit of stuff. Of course,
this isn't the best way to manage software distribution. One of the tools
we're looking at is Novadigm. Check out this web page for some more info:

We'll be testing it out within the next month or so, if you want to
send me some more e-mail in late November I can let you know how it went.


Richard Mills -

>From Tue Oct 22 10:10 EDT 1996

I am currently looking at Starburst for a software distribution. I have not
started using it yet but it does look good.
This is the email address of the rep I have been working with:
"Richard O'Brien, StarBurst Communications" <>

Dave Russell
Lockheed Martin Corp
>From Fri Oct 25 19:18 EDT 1996

You can use SUP (Software Upgrade Protocol) from Carnegie Mellon University. It
configurable and freely available. I have seen it in some ftp sites, I have a
of it but I do not know exactly where it can be picked up right now.



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