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From: ying He (
Date: Tue Oct 29 1996 - 12:59:42 CST

Original question:

 Hi, Sun-managers;
> I am using PC X-ware, and xdm server is Solaris 2.4(Sparcserver 1000), I can
> not
> view the answerbook both on Openwin and CDE, it comes up something like "
> can not start viewer
> ..... can't create DPS context...."
> and also, I can not use Image viewer to view the Postscript files.
> I have no problems to use Ghostview to view postscript files and no problems
> view the answerbook when i work on the sparc station(same server).
> It seems something related with PC X-ware fonts or PC windows' fonts?(not
> sure).
> I have tried to run on the win95 and windows3.11, none of them works.


I have got some very good explanations why I could not view the answerbook in
PC X-ware, I need to get the Adobe display postscript extension in order to
view the answerbook product.

Rich From sent me to very valueble information
and I download docviewer.tar.gz from ( as /pub/sun-faq/Source.
I following the direction installed it and modified the answerbook_setup file then
it worked.

The basic idea is when you are using PC X-ware as X terminal, the system use a
ghostview as a viewer, this is controled by /usr/openwin/bin/answerbook_setup
ksh script file which come with docviewer.tar.gz, you need to modify it .

Thanks for all people who sent me the e-mails, they are all give same and very
good information.

Now, I am thinking about how to handle image view in CDE under the PC X-ware
to view the postscript file, the above summary only solved answerbook viewer
(used new docviwer to replace old docviewer in /usr/openwin/bin), this is not
solve have Adobe display postscript extension in the PC X-ware.

Any good suggestions? again thanks for every one who responsed, this is a greate


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