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From: Mark Belanger (
Date: Mon Oct 28 1996 - 12:18:57 CST

>I am trying to configure a sparc-compatable laptop running Sol2.4
>for ppp connection dialing in to my company's modem pool.
>About chat scripts: Chat scripts are constructed in the form
>of "[expect send] ..."
>How do you get the chat script to send two things at once?
>i.e. Here is the chat session I am trying to reproduce:
> ppp <some_ip_address>

John W. Funk ( hit the nail on the head:
>>Don't think of it as two sends, but as a send with embedded spaces,
>>the embedded space is represented by "\s" as in the Systems entry
>>isp Any ACU 38400 5551212 "" \r sername: user ssword: passwd > >>PPP\sdefault
>>where PPP\sdefault is one "send" entry.
Thanks also to:
Andrew G. Gittens
Robert Pasken
Bailey Everton

Just for the heck of it, here are all the ppp net resources
I used for to assist me in this configuration which by the way
is working like a charm.

All of the resources I used can be found via Celestes most excellent web
site at
 * Steven Carter's PPP'ing With Solaris
 * Sunservices PPP Tip Sheet
 * Michael McKnight's Setup Guide
 * I also used the SysAdmin Answerbook

Also essential is Celestes modem Tutorial.

Thanks to All,


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