SUMMARY - Solaris printing to network printers

From: Andy Mitchell (
Date: Mon Oct 28 1996 - 11:40:20 CST

This is *way* overdue. My apologies to the list and
especially to those that responded so quickly to my posting.
Original question:

> I have an Apple Laserwriter 16/600PS printer sitting on a TCP/IP network
> with two Solaris boxes. There are also printers directly connected to each of the
> Sun's. Printing to either of the directly connected printers is no problem from
> either host. The problem is printing to the network printer. I can only get
> postscript out of the Laserwriter. Under BSD printing the printer detected content
> type based on the remote printer name flag (rp) in the printcap file. i.e.
> bdips|LaserWriter 16/1600PS :\
> :lp=:\
> :rp=raw:\
> :sd=/var/spool/lpd/bdi_PS:\
> :lf=/var/spool/lpd/printerlog:
> :mx#0:
> < ... other stuff deleted ... >

Well I was close - I just couldn;t quite grab the brass ring. The answer is that
you can tell this particular printer which of its internal print queues to use
by specifying the printer name as the queue name. (Which, had I read and
UNDERSTOOD the original printcap entry would have been obvious). Here's the
exact sequence of commands I used:

        lpsystem -t bsd -p

        lpadmin -p bdips -s\!raw

        enable bdips

        accept bdips

The ascii queue was set up the same except bdips was changed to bdi and
raw was changed to text. This duplicates the rp=raw, rp=text bits
from the SunOS style printcap entry.

Thanks to:

John Justin Hough <>
Mike Youngberg <>
"Mark.Phillips@UniSA.Edu.Au" <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

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