SUMMARY: CDE and setting up restricted path

From: Marc S. Gibian (
Date: Mon Oct 28 1996 - 10:27:45 CST

I need to setup a restricted path within a CDE context. I have recieved only one
reply, indicating I need to update /usr/dt/bin/Xsession, or at least configure
dtlogin to use a custom version located somewhere else. Also, this changes the
setup for every session, so it must identify those users that should be
restricted and those that should not and act accordingly.

The only problem with this is that CDE is doing additional path mangling that we
are having a tough time tracking down. It appears to be impossible, or next to
impossible, to set things up without /usr/dt/bin in the user's path.

Thanks to:
"Mike Roberts " <>

for his reply.


Marc S. Gibian
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From: "Mike Roberts " <>
Subject: Re: CDE and setting up restricted path
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Your problem is probably with /usr/dt/bin/Xsession, a script which is run by
dtlogin automatically. Most of the environmental variables CDE uses outside
of dtprofile are set there. There's one obvious warning, changes here would
effect everyone, not just the users you're trying to limit.
Mike Roberts

attached mail follows:

I need to configure some usernames such that they do not have the /usr/dt/bin in
their path. I am substituting a directory I am setting up that contains links to
the /usr/dt/bin items they are allowed to use. Unfortunately, the CDE
initialization is adding /usr/dt/bin to the user's path, even when I force their
path to what I want as the last item in their .login file (.dtprofile has
DTSOURCEPROFILE=true and these users are setup with /bin/csh).

How do I prevent CDE from adding /usr/dt/bin, or any other path elements, to
selected users?


Marc S. Gibian
Telos Consulting Services phone: (617) 377-6350
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