SUMMARY: RMS bootable

From: Coffindaffer, Virginia (
Date: Mon Oct 28 1996 - 13:29:00 CST

Original Q.:

 Hi Sun Managers,
> We are using an Ultra 5000 with a RMS. We have placed the operating
> system on one of the RMS disks, gone to the boot prompt and entered
> the correct boot device . Does not boot and we get a "Fast Data
> Access mmu miss" error. How do we boot from a RMS ???

This is a brand new OS coming off CD. Installboot is already to go at that
point. I contacted Sun and they say if you "fat-finger" probe-scs-all", it
will cause this problem. The solution was to turn power completely off after
the "fat finger". Make sure "auto-boot" was set to false and wait for the
disks to spin up on the RSM. Then make sure the exact boot device is
selected by using "show-disks" at the OK prompt. Then enter boot <device>.

It worked.

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