SUMMARY: compressing huge file

From: Rachel Polanskis (
Date: Mon Oct 28 1996 - 04:19:27 CST


thanks for all the replies I got for this one - the response
was overwhelming!

My problem involved compressing a huge file for which I had no room
to both tar and compress, due to the fashion in which the disks were

The file was gigantic, in fact the task was not mine to do,
but I was merely enquiring on the best way to do this since
the syntax I was using seemed to not work properly.

The end result basically came down to variations on a theme,
revolving around Gnu tar, Gzip or sun tar and compress...

I resolved to use the Gnu approach, since I had the tools on the system,
but for some reason no gnu-tar...
(fixed now)

The syntax I settled on basically was:

tar cvf - huge-file | gzip > /dir/with/lots/of/room/huge-file.tar.gz

I had 20 or so replies to this:

Aline H. Runde
Anthony Worrall
Brian Desmond
Dan Baritchi
David Beard
David Montgomery
Hal Stern
Jerry Champlin
John C. Pavao
Ken Picard
Markus Weber
Martin Achilli
Martin Huber
Matthias Kurz
Michael Sullivan
Michael van Dijk
Reto Lichtensteige
Ric Anderson
Rick Berube
Stephen Harris
Tim Pointing

Thanks to all who may reply before my
summary arrives too...

I'll ensure to ask a more sophisticated
question next time, but this was a rather important
file and I had every intention of not corrupting
it!! ;)


Rachel Polanskis                 Kingswood, Greater Western Sydney,
                Witty comment revoked due to funding cuts

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