From: Robert L. Bailey (
Date: Sat Oct 26 1996 - 05:44:18 CDT

Thank you to the 60+ people who replyed to my question!

In short, the two primary answers that I received were: rdate and xntp.
Since xntp will sync the systems gradually I'll go with that one.

xntp can be found at:

I just love this Mail List!

Robert L. Bailey

On Fri, 25 Oct 1996, Robert L. Bailey wrote:

> Hello gurus,
> Is there a program that can query a server for the
> time and sync it to the servers time? I would
> like to use such a program in a multi-platform env.
> In an ideal situation I would like it to run in the background
> and if the times are off, to gradually chancge the clients
> time until it is in sync with the servers time.
> I heard that there is a writeup on such a program in this
> months SunExpert, and I'll check that out tomorrow when
> I get a copy of it, but until then does anyone have
> a favorite goodie for this task?
> Thanks in advance
> Robert L. Bailey

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