SUMMARY: Problems with Fast/Wide SCSI on SS10

From: Rob Moore (
Date: Wed Oct 23 1996 - 11:12:05 CDT

Original Question:

We have recently purchased a Seagate ST15230N drive and
a Sun X-1062A card (Fast/wide) for a SS10 running Solaris
2.5.1. We installed the card into an open bay, plugged the
disk to the card, did a touch /reconfigure and rebooted.

Unfortunately, we received the following message on boot-up:

[stuff deleted]...

Oct 4 20:08:44 radar unix: WARNING:
000 (isp0):
Oct 4 20:08:44 radar unix: interface going offline
Oct 4 20:08:46 radar unix: WARNING: isp: isp0: Unable to attach
Oct 4 20:08:46 radar unix: root on
0/esp@f,800000/sd@3,0:a fstype ufs
Oct 4 20:08:46 radar unix: obio0 at root
Oct 4 20:08:46 radar unix: zs0 at obio0: obio 0x100000 sparc ipl 12
Oct 4 20:08:46 radar unix: zs0 is /obio/zs@0,100000

What we've tried: We tried to do a probe-scsi-all, but
the probe hangs when it gets to the fast/wide card and
all we can do to stop it is a stop-a. Although we
figured the card should at least be recognized, we
thought that, perhaps, the problem rested with the
disk itself. So we added the drive config info to
the format.dat file. This, predictably, did not help.

The Solution:

To my dismay and great embarassment, the disk and the
card were incompatible. I have a fast/wide differential
card and a narrow SCSI disk.

I assumed that our supplier had provided us with
compatible equipment--foolish me! My apologies for
adding to list traffic with such an oversight. I wasn't
dealing directly with our supplier, during the purchase
of the hardware, for what that's worth.

Anyhow, much thanks to all who responded.

Credit goes to: (Mark S. Anderson)
for the correct answer to my problem:

> I notice that the ST15230N is narrow SCSI. Is your wide SCSI card
> compatible with narrow SCSI?

Birger Wathne <> responded
to my post on comp.sys.sun.admin with the correct answer:

> Isn't the QLGC,isp card a fast/wide/differential? If I am rigth,
> you can't use single-ended devices on it. Only differential devices.
> Single-ended and differential SCSI are electrically incompatible
> and cannot be mixed. In some cases equipment will emit smoke
> and die....

Other Proffered Solutions:

Tony Jago <> suggested:

> Apparently there is a problem with the auto-termination of some of the
> fast wide scsi drives. You could try adding an external terminator.

Tony Povoas <> suggested:

> Have you tried using scsiinfo.... This utility will probe
> all your slots for cards and probe any it finds for disk info.

I had and it wasn't able to find the card. Very useful
tool, however. (Allan B. Clausen ) noted:

> I have seen that problem before in a Classic. In the Classic it was
> the boot prom revision that caused the problem. An upgrade of the
> boot prom solved the problem. The newest version of the boot prom for
> SS10 is 2.25 (part no. 525-1383-03).

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