SUMMARY: su command

From: Wanda Perrier (
Date: Tue Oct 22 1996 - 14:30:49 CDT

Thanks to everyone who responded to my "su" command problem.
Most everyone suggested I trace the execution using truss. I did, and
was able to determine the Basic Security Module (BSM) was involved in
"su" being unable to execute. About this time, Andrew Scarman at Sun
Microsystems Australia sent the magic answer, Sun Patch-Id
#103696-01. I have installed the patch and "su" is now working.

Again, thanks to all:
Frank Pardo <>
Mark Hargrave <root@wisdom.Maf.Nasa.Gov>
Dan Penrod <>
Mark Bergman <>
"Ken Picard" <>
Miquel Cabanas. BBM-UAB <>
Dave Thiede <>
Andrew Scarman - Solution Centre Engineer
James Coby <>
"Jurgen M." <>
Steve Phelps <>

Wanda Perrier

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