SUMMARY: Deleting an NIS+ user

From: Bob Peddycord (
Date: Tue Oct 22 1996 - 12:14:35 CDT

On 10/15/1996 I submitted the following question. The solution......
Don't know........Nobody responded THANKS!!

>>> Bob Peddycord 10/15/96 01:09pm >>>
Maybe one of you NIS+ gurus can help me on this. I have an account
(I'll call it test) set up in NIS+ that I want to make a local account on two
seperate SUN SPARC 20's. I set up the "test" account locally using the
same UID as in NIS+ and then deleted the account in NIS+. After waiting
30 minutes I try to log on as "test" on one of the machines. It accepts
the userid and password but gets hung up running /usr/sbin/quota.
When I kill quota it gets hung up running /usr/lib/mail. If I kill the mail
process I get a shell prompt and everything is fine.
Anybody have any clues as to why quota and mail are getting hung.
NIS+ is driving me crazy!!!!

Bob Peddycord
Systems Administrator
City of Winston-Salem

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