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Date: Sun Oct 20 1996 - 21:08:52 CDT

Hi all,

Thanks for the the solution!!

The original posted problem was;

> I have this continuos messages for quite sometime on one of the Sparc20
> machine at work;
> Oct 19 07:50:35 tulip named[144]: rt_malloc: memdebug overflow
> Oct 19 07:52:35 tulip last message repeated 375 times
> Oct 19 07:52:35 tulip named[144]: rt_malloc: memdebug overflow
> Oct 19 07:53:16 tulip last message repeated 129 times
> Does anybody has any idea on what does it means???
> Thanks in advance
> Sher

The solution:

It is a known bug in Solaris 2.4, although it didn't really have any
functional effect other than it flooded the console w/ messages, getting
the patch will fix it.

In Solaris FAQ says;

5.39) Why do I get ``named[]: rt_malloc: memdebug overflow'' errors?

    That's caused by a bug in the Solaris 2.4 named. You need to
    the appropriate one of the following patches:
        102479-01: SunOS 5.4: memory leak/mismanagement in in.named
        102480-01: SunOS 5.4_x86: memory leak/mismanagement in in.named

    The latest version of these patches include bind 4.9.3:
        102479-02: SunOS 5.4: DNS spoofing is possible per Cern ca-96.02
        102480-02: SunOS 5.4_x86: DNS spoofing is possible per Cern

    --- end of excerpt from the FAQ

The most recently posted version of the FAQ is available from


You can get patches from via ftp. Anonymous ftp
will get you most security patches. Other patches can be gotten
by using the username and password that you can get if you have
a maintenance agreement with Sun. If you have a contract, but no user
ID, then check with your web browser. You
can register on line.

By the way, if you don't have the contract with Sun, one responded that he
had the problem solved by compiled and installed the then-latest version
of BIND (not the solaris version) and are quite happy with it.

I would really recommend people to read the FAQ before posting any
questions, now I'm reading it line by line. :)

Special Thanks to:

Ric Anderson <>
Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
Michael Panayiotakis <>
Stephen Harris <>
Rahul Roy <roy@bluestone.COM>

Sher Khan
Systems Engineer
TIME Quantum Technology

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