SUMMARY: CDE dtlogin problem

From: Wm. Daryl Hawkins (daryl@trinity)
Date: Sun Oct 20 1996 - 15:28:44 CDT

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The original posted problem was:

>We have a Sparc 10 with 96MB of real memory and 388MB of swap. We
>just installed Solaris 2.5.1 and CDE 1.0.2. CDE's dtlogin is running
>on the console as well as serving numerous x-terminals and PC's running
>X emulation software. Since upgrading the system to 2.5.1 two days ago,
>the system has crashed three times leaving the console at the text login
>prompt and completely shutting down XDMCP. Each time this has happened,
>a user has been logged in on the console or has just logged off the console
>(this may or may not be a factor).
>Anybody have any experience with this type of problem... or any ideas?
>Dtlogin doesn't seem to write any relevant error messages to the Xerror
>file... it just seems to quit. We've considered turning on debugging,
>but the man pages are not very informative about using the debug mode.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance....

Although we received no responses to our problem, we have determined that the
cause of the problem was console logins. Since disallowing console logins
of any type, dtlogin has been very stable. Although this is by no means a
permanent solution (and not even a feasible alternative for most people), it
works for us. All of our server administration is done remotely. It is
rather inconvenient though.

Daryl Hawkins Dept. of Nuclear Engineering
System Administrator Texas A&M University (409) 845-4109

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