SUMMARY: Multiple Domains on the one host.

From: David Smith (
Date: Fri Oct 18 1996 - 20:17:51 CDT

I am attempting to set up a second domain
on the same machine.
(SPARC 10, Solaris 2.5.1, Netscape Commerce and Enterprise
Web servers.)
This is so that customers, clients etc. of can
have their own "space". Initially this will be so that
their web pages will appear to be on their own server,
i.e. as opposed to
What steps are involved?
I presume that:
- I have to register with InterNIC
- I must ask our ISP for permission to use their name servers
  for this second domain
What else do I have to do, DNS etc?
Anyone out there that has done this already?
I would appreciate your help.
As usual I will summarize.


Answers: There are two approaches.

--- 1:

Assign a unique IP x.x.x.48 to

Do ifconfig le0:1 x.x.x.48 up

This sets up an IP queue to listen at this new address.

In the Enterprise Web Admin select the option to create another web server and install it in a separate document root, and bind it to the correct IP address, i.e. for

Of course before you create the new web server you must have turned off the existing one on port 80 and bound it to the IP address for

Then you can fire up both web servers and they listen to port 80 for their domains.

I then made a /etc/rcx.d script for starting up/shutting down the web servers. If necessary edit the appropriate script to ensure that the IP queues are set up at boot time.

Using the Apache server one can either install multiple servers, i.e. one per unique IP address, or install one server that responds to requests for all IP addresses.

--- 2:

Software Virtual Servers.

DNS is set up to supply an address for which is the same as that for

In the Enterprise Admin server, select the web server and go to "Content Mgmt:Software Virtual Servers". Type in the URL to listen to: and the path which must be a full path to a document or a partial path to a directory in the Document Root.

This will only work with new browsers that supply the Host header to the server. Netscape 3, IE 3, Lynx all worked, except for some old version of XMosaic that I had lying around. XMosaic gave me instead of because it did not supply the Host header to the server.

One can set up virtual servers in Apache, also.

--- NOTE: To avoid lame delegations submit the form for a new domain to InterNIC after DNS has been set up for it.

--- When researching this and following up on this I came across some good web sites and news groups.

Running Multiple Domains Using Netscape Servers:

Two Servers, one Interface:

Apache Server Virtual Host Support:

Hosting multiple IP domains on one computer:

DNS related News Groups:


Now ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the following:.

John Kono <> Michael Panayiotakis <> Schuan <> Nina Burns Pomeroy <> Don Lenamond <> Frank Sargent <> Rich Casto <> Nicholas R LeRoy <> Alex Finkel <> Reto Lichtensteiger <>

The staff of Netcom's NOC were also quite helpful.

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